How to mitigate Cyberbullying and Online Harassment in Forums

Students using Social Media sites on laptopAre you enabling sensible moderation without curbing free-speech?

Millions of children suffer from cyberbullying in schools daily, often in your own discussion forums without proper moderation. detoxifAI will let your forum self-moderate by showing what could be toxic in a comment. Prevent users from leaving your forum because of toxic language by providing options to curb the toxicity.

Student using social media app on the phoneLive Feedback

detoxifAI is a toxic comment detector that gives real-time feedback, allowing users to constructively control what they see. Toxic user scores can be generated to kick out abusive users. Avoid legal ramifications by using the most effective and least biased AI Moderation Algorithms.

Notifications and reports can also be generated for later review.

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